Stages Cycling join team for 2014

New Official Supplier of Power Meters to Team Sky

Last updated: 15th January 2014

After extensive testing and validation Team Sky has chosen to exclusively use the Stages Power meter during the 2014 racing season.

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This new sponsorship deal adds serious cache to Stages Cycling’s product design philosophy, and will serve to accelerate further development of the Stages Power meter.

“We are so pleased to announce that Team Sky will race with Stages Power this season; this sponsorship, and what it means for Stages Power, is very exciting for our company,” said Pat Warner, Stages Cycling’s Senior Vice President. “We are humbled and honoured to be collecting data for one of the best teams in the sport. It’s a huge responsibility and we both have great confidence that Stages Power can help Team Sky be successful this season.”

Team Sky were impressed by the ease-of-use of the Stages Power meter, not to mention its now proven prowess as the category’s benchmark for consistency across rapidly changing environmental temperatures.

Tim Kerrison, Team Sky’s Head of Performance Support, said: “As a team, we see the power meter as a very useful tool. The results that we get, both from training and racing, help us to quantify how our riders are performing, which then allows us to make informed coaching decisions. Stages have worked hard to develop a high quality product that is extremely lightweight, reliable and simple to use whilst retaining the precision and accuracy that we require at Team Sky. We welcome Stages as a technical partner for 2014 and look forward to continuing to develop and improve our performances on the road, informed by the data generated by the Stages power meters.”

Another factor that drew Team Sky’s attention is the meter’s ultra-light weight, and seamless integration with Shimano’s Dura-Ace 9070 series groupset, as it only adds 20 grams to the existing Dura-Ace crank set.

Carsten Jeppesen, Team Sky’s Head of Technical Operations, said: “The power meter is one of the most important tools for the team – giving us the perfect insight into how a rider is performing, which is crucial for the coaching team. We’re very excited to team-up with Stages, who are not only innovating the power meter market, they are also making the real-time on-bike measurement of power more accessible and affordable to a larger cycling population. We look forward to working closely with Stages in the future and also helping to develop further products with them.”

Team Sky is now equipped with Stages Power meters and both parties are ready to start the 2014 racing season.

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