Henao to return to racing

Sergio set for Tour de Suisse

Last updated: 13th June 2014

Sergio Henao will return to racing at the Tour de Suisse, following the findings of scientific experts at the conclusion of the independent research programme.

The 10-week programme has given the highest level of confidence in Sergio’s previous data and profiles, and offers valuable new insights into the physiology of ‘altitude natives’ such as Colombian climbers.

Team Principal Sir Dave Brailsford said: “By taking this structured, scientific approach, we’ve gained a better understanding of his readings and specific physiology and valuable insights into the effects of altitude.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Sergio back to racing and are looking forward to having him at the Tour de Suisse.

“Our approach has been fair to both the rider and the team, and whilst it was our decision to take him out of racing, it is also ours that he returns with our full backing.

“He’s done everything that’s been asked of him, kept his focus and fully deserves to be racing.”

The Colombian climber was withdrawn from the race programme in March as a precautionary step whilst Team Sky sought a better understanding of his physiology and its reaction to altitude.

Team Sky’s decision was made after a regular internal governance review where experts had questions about out-of-competition tests at altitude, carried out for the first time last winter by the anti-doping authorities.

The research programme - conducted by a team from the University of Sheffield with the cooperation of the Colombian anti-doping authorities - started in Europe [from 31/3], continued for 6-weeks at altitude in Colombia [12/4-25/5], and finished last week with final base-level tests in Nice [26/5-3/6].

The findings have been given to WADA, the UCI and CADF and all urine tests are in the rider’s Biological Passport. The experts will also seek to publish a full scientific research paper in the coming months.

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