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Last updated: 11th January 2010

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The bike ridden by Team Sky in 2010 is set to break the mould in bicycle design. It is the product of one of the most revered names in the world of cycling, and it's the first racing frame to boast an asymmetric frame.

Introducing the Dogma 60.1: designed and crafted by Pinarello.

Pinarello is the Treviso-based family frame-builder that, for more than 50 years, has earned a reputation for marrying tradition with innovation. The company has a rich history in professional cycling, having supplied bikes to some of the greatest champions of the last half-century, while continually embracing new technology and materials and developing cutting-edge bikes.

With the Dogma 60.1, Pinarello has raised the bar to new heights - and that is saying something for a company who, from 1991-95, supplied all the bikes ridden by Miguel Indurain as the great Spaniard won a record-breaking five consecutive Tours de France.

The Dogma 60.1 belongs to a new generation of frames that, with its revolutionary asymmetric design, is set to challenge traditional concepts of racing bicycles. The design means that the force applied to the bike is balanced evenly across the entire frame - the result is less force dispersion, greater efficiency and, of course, more speed.

How is this achieved? Well, the posterior chain stay - where the cassette cluster and chain are positioned - has a thinner front end to the right, while the more vulnerable left stay is reinforced at the front. The anterior fork, too, is asymmetric - the right one is thicker, and more angled. The right seat stay, meanwhile, is thicker and stronger, due to the extra stresses of the chain and cassette cluster.

The Dogma 60.1, with its rounded diamond shape, looks stunning. Perfection, some might say. And that perfection extends to the interior, too, with the inside walls of the frame smoothed off thanks to a method of building using an Expandable Polystyrene System. The advantage is that the frame-builder is able to control wall thickness - and weight - to the tiniest margin. The carbon used in the frame, meanwhile, is 60HM1K Carbon by Torayca, a material reckoned to be practically indestructible.

The components adorning the bike are similarly cutting-edge. Shimano's Dura-Ace Di2 groupset includes an electronic gear system that provides smooth and accurate gear-changing in all conditions and terrain.

The Pinarello story

While Pinarello prides itself on leading the pack in modern bike design, it has remained true to its family roots, and the story of the company known as 'Cicli Pinarello,' stretching back to 1952, is synonymous with cycling history in the second half of the twentieth century.

It is a story of humble origins and hard work; of romance and of glorious success.

Giovanni Pinarello was born, the eighth of 12 brothers, in Catena di Villorba in 1922. Like so many rural Italians, he developed a passion for cycling, began racing, and in 1947, aged 25 and after over 60 victories as an amateur, he turned professional, scoring five wins over the next seven years.

His career as a pro' cyclist overlapped, however, with his new vocation - building bicycles. In fact, Giovanni took his first steps as a frame-builder when he was just fifteen, and helped in the Paglianti factory; but the Pinarello family's connections with the industry stretched back even further, to 1922, when Giovanni's cousin, Alessandro, made bikes from a small factory.

In 1952, as his professional career came to an end, Giovanni opened his own factory in Treviso, where Pinarello is still based to this day. But the opening of the factory owed rather a lot to a major disappointment. Giovanni was forced to give up his place in his country's national tour, the 1952 Giro d'Italia, for a promising young Italian rider, Pasqualino Fornara. His sponsor, Bottechia, offered him a small fortune, 100,000 Lire, to miss the race - a sum of money that was invested in the Treviso factory and store.

As he began building bikes, Giovanni Pinarello's connections with the world of professional cycling proved crucial; he knew that by working closely with the top cyclists and teams he would be able to develop race-winning bikes, and that the resulting publicity would cement his reputation as a leading frame-builder, and help his company to grow exponentially.

In 1957 the small la Padovani team raced on Pinarello bicycles, and in 1960 Pinarello took a step into the world of big-time professional racing with his sponsorship of the Mainetti team. Six years later came a first international win - Guido de Rosso's victory in the Tour de l'Avenir.

And in 1975 came success in the big one as far as Italians are concerned - the Giro d'Italia, courtesy of Fausto Bertoglio.

In the 1980s Pinarello confirmed itself as one of the world's leading bike manufacturers by winning some of the top races, including the 1981 Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a España; the 1984 Olympic road race in Los Angeles; and in 1988 the biggest of all bike races, the 1988 Tour de France, thanks to Pedro Delgado.

Then, of course, came Indurain in the 1990s, who, as well as his five Tour victories, won the Giro on two occasions, the Olympic time trial, world time trial and claimed the hour record - all on Pinarello bikes.

Pinarello remains a family-run company, and Fausto Pinarello, the President of Cicli Pinarello, is delighted that in 2010 Team Sky will take to the roads on the company's latest - and greatest ever - bikes.

"We are very happy with this new partnership," said Fausto Pinarello. "Team Sky's goal of becoming one of the world's leading cycling teams fits with our objective of continuing and growing our presence as one of the world's leading bicycle manufacturers. We have signed a three-year agreement and we look forward to a long, prosperous and successful collaboration."

Dave Brailsford, Team Principal for Team Sky, said: "We are thrilled to be riding Pinarello bikes. Joining up with this great producer is a crucial step for Team Sky. With Pinarello we have found the perfect partner to supply and develop an extraordinary line of bikes for our riders.

Brailsford continued: "The choice of bike has been a key decision. From the first talks, we found an immediate understanding with Pinarello on what this team is about: performance and perfection. The ways that Pinarello combine their life-long passion for the bike with the latest technology are genuinely inspired. Pinarello are now a fundamental part of the team and will help our relentless efforts to have the best possible tools for Team Sky."

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