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Preview of the 67th edition

By Nick Howes   Last updated: 3rd August 2010

The Tour of Poland - or Tour de Pologne - saw a massive rise in its popularity when it was switched to the start of August last year and will be looking to build on that success this time around. The race is one of the oldest in Eastern Europe and has been run 66 times since its inception in 1928. In 2005 it was awarded a place on the UCI's ProTour and has been rated as a 2.HC event ever since.

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Team Sky will be taking an eight-strong squad for their debut appearance with Kjell Carlstrom, Mathew Hayman, Greg Henderson, Peter Kennaugh, Lars-Petter Nordhaug, Ian Stannard, Chris Sutton and Ben Swift all hoping to impress.

Here we take a closer look at what those guys will face on their seven-day, 1256.5km trek around the south of the country.

Sunday 1 August: Stage One - Sochaczew to Warsaw - 175.1km

The race gets under way with a relatively flat opening stage and the sprinters will be looking to come to the fore early on as the first intermediate sprint points are available just 13.2km after they exit Sochaczew. Further points are also on offer at Konstancin-Jeziorna (91.8km) and then the riders head north towards Warsaw and end the stage with eight undulating 8.1km laps of the city centre. The road rises gradually on the long straight towards the finish line and a third set of sprint points will be contested shortly before their fourth crossing of the finish line. Any climbers that are still in the mix on the penultimate circuit will be looking to sweep up some token King of the Mountains points before what should be a hotly-contested finish.

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Monday 2 August: Stage Two - Rawa Mazowiecka to Dabrowa Górnicza - 240km

At 240km this has to be one of the longest stages of the summer but mercifully there is little to trouble the riders as they head in a north-easterly direction from Rawa Mazowiecka. In the first 200km the road rises just 165m and then drops down gradually into Dabrowa Górnicza for three, 5.6km laps to round off the day. Mountains points are on offer on the second of those laps, even though there is only the slightest hint of a bump, before another likely bunch sprint in the town centre.

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Tuesday 3 August: Stage Three - Sosnowiec to Katowice - 122.1km

After a relatively gentle start to the tour, things begin to toughen up slightly on this short but lumpy trek from Sosnowiec to Katowice. The day begins with a clockwise loop of the host town and continues in a northerly direction up to Siemianowice Slaskie (27.2km) before kinking back down into Katowice. Once there, the riders will take on seven laps of the city centre. There is not a moment of flat on this 11.7km circuit and mountains points have been included on the highest point of the fifth lap. Once that summit has been crested two further times, it's downhill for the final kilometre and onwards to the finish line.

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Wednesday 4 August: Stage Four - Tychy to Cieszyn - 177.9km

It's into the mountains on stage four and from hereon in it's going to be a different race entirely. The days begins harmlessly enough as the peloton sweeps south to Milówka (79.9km) but over the next 42.4km they will take on three category-1 peaks immediately after the other. The Przek ecz Koniakowsa is first up and the highest at 828m, and is followed by the Kubalonka (767m) and Zameczek (767m). Once those have been overcome it's down through Wisla (130.6km) and on to border town of Cieszyn for three 6.8km laps to end the stage. Further mountains points are up for grabs on the second of those laps and then there's a slightly uphill finish to contend with before the riders cross the finish line.

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Thursday 5 August: Stage Five - Jastrzêbie-Zdrój to Ustroñ 149km

The bunch could well be weary after four days of action but things will go from bad to worse after they have travelled back down into Wisla. Here they will take on not one, but five ascents of the Zameczek (767m - category 1) in a punishing 17.2km loop with no respite whatsoever in between. And even when that section has been overcome, they must then take on an even more demanding climb up to the summit finish in Ustroñ. This stage should definitely see the main GC contenders come to the fore as the sprinters drop down the overall standings like a stone.

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Friday 6 August: Stage Six - Oswiêcim to Terma Bukowina Tatrz. - 228.5km

After the exploits at the end of Thursday's stage, the peloton will have 135.1km to get themselves fettled before the torment begins all over again. Once they reach Szaflary they continue on a 38.8km loop, which includes two gruelling climbs up to Sierockie (941m- category 1) and Gliczarów (759m - category 2). Once that has been completed the route then immediately passes on to another equally-challenging 11.8km circuit which sees the riders crest the highest peak of the tour - up to the village of Bukowina Tatrzañska (951m) - four times before the Queen stage reaches its conclusion.

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Saturday 7 August: Stage Seven - Nowy Targ to Kraków - 163.9km

The sprinters have not had a great deal to contest in the last three days of action but there are points on offer for them just 21.9km after they have rolled out of Nowy Targ. A short, sharp rise immediately follows that before the road drops down into Zabrze (33.3km). Two category-2 climbs must then be overcome in the next 50km in order to wrap up the mountains classification and then it's on to Kraków for the race's culmination. The three, 4km laps in the city centre are as flat as a pancake and should serve as the perfect launchpad for a flat-out finale.

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