Team Psychiatrist

Steve Peters is Team Sky's Psychiatrist and is a consultant to the senior management team and to staff and riders.

Having become involved with British Cycling in 2001, Peters' ground-breaking approaches have helped Team GB achieve 16 Olympic gold medals to date, and his contribution has been deemed so valuable that Sir Dave Brailsford once described him as "the best appointment I've ever made."

Peters adopted a similar role at Team Sky when the team was launched in 2010 and his psychological techniques such as 'chimp' and 'gremlin' management are well known and used by the team.

"This approach involves the rider or staff’s understanding of how their mind works and then learning how to manage their emotions, behaviours and thinking." Peters explains.

"There are two aspects of your brain that work independently of each other with a third back-up system that both utilise. One is quite emotional and irrational; the other is logical, capable of making good judgments. I call the emotional thinking system 'the Chimp'. I teach the riders techniques to manage or pre-empt what the chimp is going to do so that they can stop the strike!

"As for the Gremlins, these represent negative beliefs or behaviours that haves the potential to inhibit performance. I also help to uncover the gremlins and then help riders to remove them."

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