Head of Athlete Performance

An integral part of the Team Sky set-up, Tim Kerrison put his background in swimming to good use when he arrived into the world of cycling with a fresh approach to sports science.

Kerrison began working with the team in 2009 ahead of its launch, with a first year on the road in 2010 primarily spent observing the intricacies of the sport before working to help create and apply a new coaching structure heading into 2011.

Kerrison was responsible for bringing in revolutionary training methods and approaches - both on and off the bike - and the success they yielded earned the Australian and his performance team a whole host of plaudits.

Drilling down into the numbers and what it took to win the Tour de France, Kerrison helped give the team a new focus with a 'no stone unturned mentality', laying down the blueprint which has yielded back-to-back victories.

Explaining his role, Kerrison said: "My remit as Head of Performance Support is working with the coaches to help the riders prepare for competition, and to oversee the performance support part of our operation.

"That includes the medical, physio, nutrition, sports science and recovery aspects - all the extra bits that we add to try and enhance the performance of our riders."

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