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Sir Dave Brailsford is credited as one of the principal architects in transforming Great Britain's track fortunes over the last decade and can now claim to have replicated that on the road with Team Sky.

After a sensational season for British cycling in 2012 - which saw Team Sky capture a one-two finish at the Tour de France before going on to win eight gold medals at the London Olympic Games - Brailsford faced the task of sustained success in 2013.

The results followed, with a second consecutive Tour de France victory ensuring Team Sky did twice in four seasons what they had originally set out to do once in five.

Often describing himself as an orchestra conductor, Brailsford oversaw the mammoth task of bringing the team together in 2009 and witnessed the squad go from strength to strength over four seasons on the road.

Having maintained an upward trajectory, the goal remains to keep winning the world’s biggest races, with the elusive one-day Spring Classics a key renewed target.

“Sport is about continuous improvement, it’s about getting better," said Brailsford. "It’s about being better next year than you are this year. It’s a bit like Formula One. You have a car and the designers might say ‘we can’t think how we’re going to make this any better’. But ultimately you can. And that’s what we’ve got to do. We’ve got to keep looking, researching and working – trying things. And that’s what it’s all about.”

"Everyone is back at square one. Nobody has an advantage because of what we did last year. No one gets a 10-mile start or anything. We’re all absolutely back to zero. And unless you’ve done the work - unless you’ve put in and unless you’ve done what it takes - then you’re going to suffer. There’s no hiding place in this sport."

The team has also refined an extensive programme of races spanning January to October, with a couple of key factors standing out, including a long-awaited return to the Tour of California in May.

“We constantly look at the race programme every year in terms of – what are our goals and what suits our goals? Certainly California with 21st Century Fox is a big deal. We want to perform well and fly the Team Sky flag with pride over there. That’s important, but we’ve also included a lot of one-day races this year - to give some of the guys a bit more opportunity in that kind of race and give the younger riders some chances in races where they could perform. I think that’s important and we recognise adding those in was key.”

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