Bradley Wiggins shows off his new saddle

Bradley Wiggins shows off his new saddle

Have saddle, will travel

Prologo pull out all the stops with new design

Last updated: 3rd July 2010

Bradley Wiggins will surely be sporting the coolest saddle in the peloton when he bids to win the Tour de France for Team Sky this month.

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For Prologo have created this stunning custom-made design for the Brit, with more than a nod to his love of Mod culture.

But it's not just about the look - a huge amount of work has gone into engineering the lightest, most effective saddle possible, using the highest-tech materials available.

Every part of the design and build was focussed on keeping Wiggins a step ahead of the opposition and Prologo's Salvatore Truglio hopes it has the desired effect.

He told us: "We made it as a special thanks to Bradley, as a good luck message for the Tour de France."

He then explained how the design came about: "The graphics are inspired by the 60's Mods and the great Italian scooters, such as Lambretta and Vespa - Bradley even owns one Vespa made in 1964.

"They somehow became the icon of this British movement and Bradley is a big fan of that period and lifestyle.

"However the graphics are not the only feature that it makes this saddle unique.

"This saddle, a Scratch Pro TR, is a prototype - in fact it's virtually a small technology lab on the road."

Technical details: The foam used by Prologo for the padding is a new generation foam which allows a saving of weight (about 15%) while the a vibration absorption capacity is increased (by around 20%).

The shell has been redesigned to reduce weight by 7% with no loss in performance while the new Nack 10 rail is a combination between carbon fibre, alloy filaments and Kevlar. The rail is stiffer than the solid titanium and much lighter (35 grams on average).

The final result is a stiffer, but more comfortable, saddle with a total weight reduction of about 55 grams compared with the standard Scratch Pro.

The solutions now under test with Wiggins during the Tour de France will be applied in the new Scratch Pro Nack available on the market from next October.

And Prologo has announced that the special Wiggins saddle will be immediately available in a limited edition (RRP of 189 Euros).