Dave Brailsford: Busy day, even on a 'rest' day

Dave Brailsford: Busy day, even on a 'rest' day

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Resting up for the tasks ahead

Last updated: 22nd July 2010

Dave Brailsford will be giving us his reaction throughout the Tour de France as Team Sky make their debut in the world's greatest bike race.

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We last caught up with him after the Tour's second rest day to see what the riders had been up to:

2000CET, Wednesday 21 July

Today was a day of downtime for the riders, allowing them to ease back, rest up mentally and take stock of the situation so they are ready to go again on Thursday.

However it's still important for them to do a training ride. Once you are into the swing of an event like this, if you stopped and didn't do anything then you could over-recover. The body would over-compensate and then you'd feel stiff and your legs would be heavy when you got back on the bike the following day.

So it's more beneficial to get out there and make an effort rather than have a full day off the bike. Having said that, Sean Yates told me about a rest day he had where he spent the entire day in bed at Alpe d'Huez and didn't wake up until the next morning again!

Briefly running through today's schedule, the guys were at least allowed a lie-in before the morning's training ride and then lunch. Paul Smith has very kindly agreed to make suits for the riders for the post-race evening in Paris so they were fitted for those this afternoon. They also had massages and then did media between 5.30pm and 7pm. In amongst that they rested up, then have dinner around now followed by an early night.

Looking to Thursday and it's going to be a tough day but there's a school of thought that because it's so open the GC riders will finish together which should make it harder for the break to stay away. We'll therefore think about that again in the morning but it's fair to say that Brad has already got one eye on the time trial on Saturday.

(Dave was talking to Jonathan Turner)

2000CET, Tuesday 20 July

Sometimes when things aren't going your way, you just need a chink of light and today might have provided that.

In order to get that chink of light you need to stand up and put yourself in the mix; Bradley stood up today and said he was going to go with the break and attack on that first climb and that's exactly what he did.

It really was an epic first hour and a half today as the break went with Bradley, Lance Armstrong, Roman Kreuziger, Sylwester Szmyd, Ryder Hesjedal and a few others. They had about 30 seconds on the yellow jersey and there was hardly anyone left in that group.

But I think that because Hesjedal was there and Jurgen Van den Broeck wasn't, Lotto rode to bring it back.

Unfortunately it did eventually come back together and another group went again but even so it's great to see Brad on the front foot, taking the race on and mixing it up in good company.

It's lifted everyone's morale and we're looking forward to the day after the rest day now.

(Dave was talking to Jonathan Turner)

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