Science in Sport

Science in Sport


When it comes to sports nutrition, Team Sky are fuelled by science.

At Science in Sport (SiS) we believe the most sophisticated piece of kit you'll ever own is your body and if you don't put high performance sports nutrition in, you won't get your best performance out. We want to help each athlete reach his or her goals whether it's a personal best or a world record.

We've partnered with Team Sky so we can share our level of expertise with the world's best cycling team. Just like the teams 'marginal gains' philosophy we research and develop each aspect of our products with both sports scientists and international athletes. This scientific research underpins everything we do to ensure our products are of the highest quality whilst also meeting the exacting standards of Informed Sport.

Our unique triple-testing approach to banned substances is one of a kind giving us an evolved certification with Informed Sport that no other brand has. Every batch of incoming raw ingredients are tested, finished products are tested and two short notice, unannounced audits are carried out on our production site annually to ensure maximum elimination of risk for athletes.
Plan your nutrition the Team Sky way

Plan your nutrition the Team Sky way

Since 1992, we have been developing, manufacturing and marketing sports nutrition for elite athletes and endurance sport enthusiasts. Here are just a few of our most innovative products;

SiS GO Isotonic Energy Gel

The world's first and only isotonic gel, which is clean in the mouth and easy to digest. This patented formula provides 22g of carbohydrate for fast energy on the go and is available in 7 great flavours.


Rapid Recovery Developed with the help of Chris Boardman, REGO is the first complete recovery shake providing 20g of protein, 20g of carbohydrate, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals for athlete immunity. Take within 30 minutes of exercise while your metabolism is lifted to replace your depleted glycogen and support lean muscle mass.


This brand new piece of innovation for SiS, launched its patented formula in December 2015 allowing athletes to get the right amount of protein post training on the go. WHEY20 provides 20g of high quality dairy protein without the need for a shaker or water. It is low in fat and carb, has 7g of BCAA's, tastes like a yogurt and doesn't need refrigerating.
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